XCEL is the recreational component to our team program. At Aerials, XCEL puts an emphasis on team unity, sportsmanship, self-discipline and perseverance.  We  introduced the XCEL Program in the fall of 2010 and our teams have proven to be extremely successful.  They are given fair gym time, two-three rotations in the gym nightly and are trained by staff capable of coaching through level 8. The XCEL Program at Aerials is not a path to the Junior Olympic program, it is rather an entity of its’ own. Gymnasts will have the opportunity to work their way up the four competitive levels within the XCEL Program by being consistent at competitions, increasing strength scores and a positive attitude. Starting in 2015, Aerials owners decided to refocus the purpose of the program.  While many area clubs are collecting xcel athletes, the staff at Aerials is taking the quality over quantity approach and has reduced the team size from 32 down to 24.  We believe that eliminating those gymnasts in attendance purely for social time will only help to improve the quality of our program.  The xcel team trains 6-7.5hours per week and have proven highly successful in State and Regional Competition.  They are a very ambitious group and we are excited to see where the future takes them! For information on joining our Xcel program or to review a copy of the current handbook, please email: xcel@minnesotaaerials.com