The Compulsory program here at Minnesota Aerials includes Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5. The focus of this program is preparing our youngest competitive gymnasts in entry-level gymnastic skills, physical conditioning, performance skills, team bonding as well as psychological training. These very important levels introduce the parent and the athlete to competition and our goal is to help them enjoy every step of the process.

Our Optional Team Program sets higher standards as they gymnasts build on their basics and continue to strive for excellence. Our goal is to have Aerials gymnasts not only be successful in the gym, but to apply their self-discipline to all areas of their lives. We create a well balanced environment by providing sports psychology and dance training for our athletes. This encourages our athletes to become more confident, driven and team-oriented.

XCEL is the recreational component to our team program.  XCEL puts an emphasis on team unity, sportsmanship, self-discipline and perseverance.  XCEL Gymnastics Competition is sanctioned through USA Gymnastics, but does not allow for  mobility into the USAG Compulsory or Optional Levels.   XCEL is the recreational based alternative to the Junior Olympic Program.

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