Recreational Program Descriptions

Pre School Gymnastics:

  Tumble Bugs and Flippers Our preschool program, is geared for children ages 3 through 5. Participants will learn gymnastics “shapes” and skills with obstacle courses and fun stations. The class may use both our separate preschool gym area and our main gym.  

Recreational Classes:

  Our recreational class program is split into 4 levels for school-age gymnasts.  Beginners (Level 1 and 2) Intermediate and Advanced Intermediate.  Each level consists of 12-16 elements which include basic skills, drills and strength progressions appropriate to the skill level of the class.  Our coaches are consistently evaluating the progress of their gymnasts.  Progress reports are sent home at the end of the session.  

Class Descriptions: We are introducing the Fun & Fit Curriculum Spring '17

  Beginners : Level 1 (ages 6+):   Level 1: Focuses on an entry to gymnastics and building proper basics for a safe and successful gymnastics career. All 4 events are covered in new curriculum including trampoline. Vault focuses on Safety Landing Positions, mastering the hurdle, mastering running techniques and introducing beginner level vaults. Bars focuses on introducing core bars skills including pullovers, casts, front support, glide, and a dismount. Beam introduces proper walking techniques, pivot turns, mounts, and focuses on building a good foundation to build on. Floor introduces both back and forward rolls, lunges, handstand lead ups, cartwheels, and bridge kickovers. Tramp will be used to introduce and master jumps such as stretch, tuck, straddle, seat drops, and 1/2 turns. Beginners : Level 2 (ages 6+):   Starts to build on basics mastered in Level 1. Vault includes hurdle punches to learn a proper entry for a vault and next level vaults. Bars includes mastering the pullover, glides, stem rises to prepare for kips, and straddle dismounts. Beam introduces leaps, cartwheels on low beams, proper jumping positions, and squat turns. Floor builds on Level 1 skills and adds handstands to bridges, handstand holds against walls, and proper handstand exits. Tramp introduces some new skills including table drops, back drops, and combinations of skills to create body awareness. Level 3:  Continues to build with added difficulty from Level 2. Vault introduces going over the vaulting table, front somersault drills, and handstand flatbacks to reinforce the importance of body shapes. Bars includes back hip circles, sole circle dismounts, tap swings, and undershoot dismounts. Beam reinforces skills learned in Level 2 to move onto high beam. Floor introduces handstand forward rolls, cartwheel pops (lead up to round offs), and builds on back walkover and front walkover drills learned in Level 2. Tramp continues to build on combinations but includes some more somersaulting drills. Intermediates:     Skills will include: Casting and multiple circles on bars: scales, rolls and beginning tumbling on beam; walkovers and beginning handsprings on floor; vault drills and advanced strength and flex.   Baby Bronze/Rising Stars: Two different facets of our pre-team, both leading towards competition in either J.O (Level 3/4 or Xcel).  Focus is on gaining strength, flexibility and a solid set of basics to carry the gymnast through her desired track.  Groups are by invite only and culminate in a spring testing.