Levels 3-5

annie Compulsory Program: Transitioning from Baby Bronze, our girls train 2 days, for 8 hours  total per week as level 3's.  As the intro level to competition, we take great pride in instilling good form, excellent technique and a love of gymnastics into our newest little team members.  Quite a bit of time is spent ensuring strong basics and working to expose the girls to different aspects of being a gymnast: mental training, dance training, flexibility training, strength training and team building.  We love to see the transformation from nervous pre-team gymnasts to seasoned competitors at the end of the year!Gymnasts typically spend only season at level 3 as long as they hit the required mobility score to move up, have the required physical abilities score and 90% of the required level 4 skills.Our level 4 gymnasts train 8-12 hours per week and are invited to an out of town "travel meet" in addition to their regular competitive season.  They are expected to show mastery of skills, consistency in practice and a high score on the physical abilities testing.  We are looking to develop quick twitch muscles, increase strength and max out flexibility at a young age, so that the girls have the best potential of success in the optional program down the road.



"Compulsory gymnasts are little girls with big dreams!"

-As described by one of our current level 3 gymnasts!