About Shots The Shots have always been a important part of our competitive program.  This group of gymnasts are handpicked from our ladybugs and recreational classes with the intent of one day joining our competitive ranks.The hot shots train 2.5 hours a week and are coached by Miss Jade and Miss Maddi. The emphasis is on strength and flexibility development and the refinement of basic gymnastics skills. Gymnasts can spend three to six months in this shots program depending on their age, emotional maturity, ability to make corrections and skill development. Gymnasts interested in joining the shots may attend our annual SuperShots testing day.  New students to the club should email for info on initial evaluation. Mobility into level 3 is dependent on the spots available in level 3 as group size is limited to 12.  Other areas of consideration include: the gymnasts attendance in Shots, Physical abilities results and rankings compared to those gymnasts in L3, two splits flat and square, a press-handstand and the ability to take corrections and apply them.  
"It is not about how good you are, it's how good you want to be!"