FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

+How long is a session of gymnastics?
Typically our sessions run for 10 weeks. We are always willing to prorate session fees for students who start during a session. Our spring and summer sessions may be shorter.
+When is payment due?
Payment is due with your registration before the session begins. We cannot guarantee your spot without payment. Payment plans are available, you must have a valid credit card number on file with the office to be eligible for the payment plan option (you may make payment by check or cash as long as it is made by the scheduled date and your card will not be billed). Auto-pay is also available with either one or two payments per session stop by the office to and sign up and we will automatically charge your credit card each session. Please contact the office for more details.
+Will I be billed?
In an effort to save the expense, we do not bill. Tuition is due before the first class of the session. Please pay promptly. After the first week of the session of the session, if no payment is received, your child will be dis-enrolled. If you have agreed to the payment plan option, email reminders will be sent and you will have the opportunity to pay by check or cash before your credit card is billed.
+When can I enroll my child?
You can enroll your child at any time during the session (if class space permits). We will prorate the cost of classes for you if some classes have already passed. New session registration begins about 2-3 weeks before the start of the session. Our schedule will be posted on line and available at the gym.
+What is the yearly membership fee and why do I have to pay it?
Every student (family) who enrolls in classes at MN Aerials pays a yearly membership fee of $40. This fee helps to pay the high cost of liability insurance that a gymnastics school must carry. It also entitles your child to discounted rates on our open gyms and other activities.
+Do I need to re-enroll my child at the end of every session?
Yes, please fill out a new registration form each session. Spots will be held for current gymnasts only for the first week of registration.
+What are make-ups and how do they work?
If you miss a class during the session, please use our open gym as a make-up session. When you sign in, let our staff know what day you are making up.

FAQ: Parties

+What should we bring to the birthday party?
Depending on the type of party you have booked, you may only need to bring your participation waiver!
+What are the most commonly forgotten items?
Matches are probably the most forgotten item, but forks, a knife to cut the cake and candles also get forgotten quite a bit.
+Will I be charged for little babies or younger siblings attending the party?
Any child that is participating in the party will be counted toward the number of guests. However, if a child is too young (under three) to participate and is with the parent the whole time, they will not be counted toward the number of guests.
+How far in advance do I need to book my party?
Party times fill up fast and we have to plan for appropriate staffing to cover you party. Please make your reservations early!
+Are there any restrictions on what I can bring to a party?
We try to put very little restrictions on the things you can bring to the party. However, we do ask that you refrain from bringing confetti, silly string or poppers because they can cause too much debris.

FAQ: Gymnastics

+What should my child wear to class?
We ask that gymnasts wear something comfortable that they can move around in. Leotards are recommended for girls and pants or shorts with an elastic waistband are recommended for boys. Hair needs to be pulled up out of the gymnasts’ face and we ask that no jewelry is worn and no clothes with zippers or belts as they can damage the equipment.
+How do I know when my child is ready to move to the next level?
Assessments are done once a session and students should receive a progress report toward the end of the session If they are ready to move up they will receive notification with new session registration information.
+What if I feel this is not the right class for my child?
If you feel that your child is not in the appropriate level, you may contact the gym, to set up an assessment to have your child's skills tested.
+Is there anything my child can do to help them move up faster?
Attending classes multiple times a week greatly increases a child’s strength and coordination; this will help to improve their overall gymnastics skills. Open gym is also a great place to work on skills!
+Is it ok for me to leave the gym during my child’s class?
You are welcome to leave your child with us as long as you escort them into and out of the building. Gymnasts are not permitted to wait outside for their rides.