Where Are They Now? Amber Eisenbraun (Class of 2011 Level 8, Idaho club gymnastics) Paula Eisenbraun (Class of 2011, Level 8, IOWA-coaching club). Courtney Hardekopf (Class of 2014, Level 9 Regional Qualifier, cheering for UMD) Autumn Lefever (Class of 2013. Level 9.  Competed at University of Eau-Claire! Coaching) Jade Lefever (Class of 2015, Level 8 State VT Champion.  Coaching at Minnesota Aerials) Maddie Moe (Class of 2016. Coached Xcel, now at U of M) Sarah Schake (Class of 2016, Level 9.  Level 8 Regional Floor Champ in 2015. WSU) Emily Schake (Class of 2016, level 8.  Coaching at Winona's Club program) Rebecca Taggart (Class of 2016, level 8.  Bemidji State) Kodi Kolasa (L9): 2015 Regional Beam Champion.  Retired.  Florida. Mia Sabin (L8): 2015 State AA & Beam Champion. Retired club, AHS. Down the Pipeline: Class of 2017: Kirsten Rossmeissl (L9), Alexis Pladson (Xcel Platinum). Class of 2018: Brooke Benolkin (L8 Regional Qualifier.). '14 Beam State Champion (level 7).  Andie Takkunen-Level 7. Class of 2019: Eno Ekong (L10): 2014, 2015, 2016 State & Regional Champion. Sydney Soczek (L9) Sydney Wagner (L8 Regional Qualifier). Class of 2020: Brianna Lindberg (level 7), *For information or access to our YouTube page, please email: team@minnesotaaerials.com