Procedures for Meeting With A Team Coach:

Meeting with team coaches can seem like an impossible task, They do not spend specific hours sitting at a desk. Coaches may seem unapproachable or rude when a parent tries to ask a question. Here are a few key points that will help keep those feelings to a minimum.


1) E-mail asking for a meeting 2) Outline an Agenda 3) Be specific; concerns regarding your gymnast. 4) Come with an open mind

Do Not:

1) Try and pull a coach off the floor while they are coaching 2) Walk across the floor to speak with a coach. 3) Show up at a desk and expect a meeting 4) Text questions – these are coaches personal phones. 5) After a competition is not a good time to ask questions. Coaches put a lot of emotion and energy into a competition. This is just not a good time to get clear coherent answers.